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Green Dot

What is Green Dot?

A green dot is any choice, behavior, or attitude that promotes safety for everyone and communicates utter intolerance for power-based personal violence in our Iowa State University community. A green dot is anything you do to make our community safer.

Why the Green Dot?

A green dot symbolizes a single moment in time that can be used to end perpetration or support victims of power-based personal violence. Through your words, choices, and actions in any given moment, you can add a green dot to our map and make a difference. By interrupting potential incidence of power-based personal violence, or a red dot, you increase community safe for everyone. If each of us adds 1 or 2 or 5 or 100 green dots, we will reduce the perpetration of violence -- one green dot at a time.

Student Wellness

Student Wellness is a new department in the Division of Student Affairs at Iowa State University built to help you maximize your adventure at ISU. The office is focused on holistic wellness and works with students to create a university environment that promotes health and wellbeing. This is a one-stop department for information and resources related to student wellness and their staff can help get you connected to campus resources that will help you be more successful at ISU. They also provide programs and opportunities that are designed to equip you with life-enhancing skills so you can thrive academically and personally at ISU and beyond. 

Title IX Training, Learning, and Development

The Office of Equal Opportunity offers online training programs designed to improve knowledge and skills around sexual assault and misconduct and non-discrimination policies and procedures. There are programs designed specific to undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff, and supervisors. 

Campus Climate Surveys

Iowa State University uses information from campus climate surveys and assessments in order to help shape efforts and initiatives addressing gender-based violence.
Information from the 2015 Association of American Universities (AAU) Campus Climate Survey can be found HERE.

Sexual Misconduct Leadership Committee

The Sexual Misconduct Leadership Committee consists of members in the Dean of Students Office, Division of Student Affairs, ACCESS, ISU Police, Human Resources, Student Government and Faculty Senate. The committee is structured to coordinate and provide support for efforts across campus addressing gender-based violence.
For more information about the committee and current strategic planning, please contact Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, Sharron Evans at sevans@iastate.edu or 515-294-1020.