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Resources if you have experienced TIX prohibited conduct
Resources if you have been accused of TIX prohibited conduct

General Resource Guide 

Iowa State University's General Resource Guide was specifically created to aid and educate students who want more information or may want to file reports of TIX prohibited conduct. This guide can also help students, staff, and faculty who might be looking for information on how to respond, report, support or otherwise assist someone that is interacting with you about a concern.

Respondent Resource Guide

Iowa State University's Title IX Guide for Respondents was specifically created to aid and educate student respondents who may be part of an investigation related to reports of alleged TIX prohibited conduct.

Contact information for confidential and private options

There are many actions you can take following experiencing any type of gender-based violence. You have the right to be heard, to get help, and to be treated with respect. If you are unsure about reporting, but want to speak with someone about what services, assistance, and support you might need, a good place to start would be ACCESS. 

You are in control of the information you share, who you share it with, and what you want to happen with it.

Information on reporting/disclosing options

Should you want to report or be interested in disclosing, there are a number of options. Again, speaking with an ACCESS advocate or other confidential resource can assist you with determining where to start.

Cultural Specific Programs

Iowa, through the office of the Crime Victims Assistance Division, recognizes how culture, language, race, trauma, and healing can intersect with victimization. This site provides a list of cultural specific centers available in Iowa.

Information about support/resources

There are a range of services available to you on campus, including health care, counseling, a campus ombudsperson, safety planning, navigating academic modifications and support, course schedules, housing, dining, parking/transportation, extracurricular/recreation activities, referral to resources which can assist with advocacy and legal assistance, and a student disciplinary process. You may choose to utilize the services that are available on campus, or in the community, or both.

You can contact the Office of Student Assistance and/or the Title IX Coordinator for more information about these support services and other interim remedial measures. Please note these are private resources.


Office of Equal Opportunity

Coordinates the University’s comprehensive response to incidents of Prohibited Conduct

3410 Beardshear Hall
Hotline:  515-294-1222


Office of Student Assistance

Provides assistance in navigating processes and procedures at the University, and helps administer support and connect students to resources

1010 Student Services Building, First Floor

For more information on additional offices within the Dean of Students Office that might provide support or resources, visit the below sites:

Student Accessibility Services

Multicultural Student Affairs

International Students & Scholars Office

Student Legal Services