Sexual Misconduct Education, Prevention, and Awareness

Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Sexual Misconduct Education, Prevention, and Awareness is dedicated to supporting students, faculty and staff on issues relating to sexual assault and other forms of power-based violence.

Why is Prevention Important?

The prevention of sexual and relationship violence on campus includes:

  • One in 5 women anone in 16 men are sexually assaulted while in college.
  • Individuals who identify as disabled are three times more likely to experience sexual violence than persons who do not identify as disabled.
  • Gay and bisexual men are over ten times more likely to experience sexual assault than heterosexual men. 
  • In addition, 46% of bisexual women have been sexually assaulted as compared to 13% of lesbian women and 17% of heterosexual women.
  • 25% of transgender people have been assaulted after the age of 13.


Green Dot  

  It's On Us   ISUPrevention on Facebook  


News and Announcements  

Press Release - "Iowa State selects Green Dot program to implement as a violence prevention strategy."

Iowa State University is recruiting professional faculty and full-time staff to be Green Dot Facilitators for summer training.

How can I get involved as a faciltator? - FAQ for Green Dot Facilitators 

How can I support Green Dot? - please contact us at for sponsorship and other support opportunities. 

Green Dot Facilitator Training - July 10th - July 14th in Memorial Union 

Peer Wellness Education Program

For more information visit Student Assistance 


Start By Believing

If Someone Tells You They Have Been Sexually Assaulted

  • Believe that person

  • Affirm that it was not their fault

  • Support by listening

  • Empower

  • Refer to community resources


View the Iowa State University "It's On Us" video in support of the It's On US national movement to help shift college campus culture around sexual assault.